SRN-PMR Collaborative rounds

These sessions will be held in Conference Room A at the Glenrose Rehabiltation Hosptial (10230 111 Avenue NW)  with lunch for trainees (11:30-12:00) followed by a combined presentation (12:00-1:00) representing expertise from both clinical and research perspectives with plenty of time for discussion.

 Collaborative Rounds 2017 -2018


24 Nov 2017 Tara Kaman and Ashley Dalrymple: Spinal Cord Injury: Steps Toward Restoring Walking
23 Feb 2018 Stephen Hung and Trevor Barss: Functional Electrical Stimulation: Energizing Rehabilitation in Alberta
25 May 2018 Monica Gorassini and Jocelynn Gray: Post-Stroke Upper Limb Rehabilitation & tDCS



Collaborative Rounds 2016 -2017


9 Sep 2016 Esther Kim and Shane Hoeber: Post-Stroke Aphasia & tDCS: Let’s Talk About It
20 Jan 2017 Larry Yang and Zohaib Siddiqi: Pain in the Brain: Clinical and Scientific Insights into Complex Regional Pain Syndrome                                                 
24 Mar 2017 Jennifer Assh, Jenna Senger and a patient with a brachial plexus: Advances in Peripheral Nerve Regeneration Research: from Bench to Bedside
23 Jun 2017 Zain Rajabali and Sarah Hellewell:Mild Traumatic Brain Injury - some advances & therapeutic strategies


Collaborative Rounds 2015 -2016


13 Nov 2015 Spinal cord injury and exoskeletons
15 Jan 2016 A Lack of Sensory Feedback in Upper Limb Prostheses: A Review of Potential Solutions
11 Mar 2016 Friend or Foe: Is botulinum toxin preventing or promoting function in children with CP?
13 May 2016 David Collins, Jessica Imppola, Trevor Lashyn: Functional Electrical Stimulation: An underutilized or overhyped rehabilitation modality?