News and Views

All seminars take place at 12:00 noon in Room 3003 of the Katz Group Centre for Pharmacy and Health Research (KATZ) building unless specified otherwise.

Winter 2018

Date  Speaker / Topic

2 Feb 2018

 SRN general topics

23 Feb 2018

 PMR-SRN Seminar at Glenrose: Stephen Hung and Trevor Barss: "Functional Electrical Stimulation: Energizing Rehabilation in Alberta"

16 Mar 2018

 Marco Capogrosso: "A Computational Approach to the Design of Spinal Neuroprostheses" - in Room 2-140 ECHA

23 Mar 2018

 Monica GorassiniReview of article "C9ORF72 repeat expansion causes vulnerability of motor neurons to Ca2+-permeable AMPA receptor-mediated excitotoxicity"

30 Mar 2018

 No News & Views. Good Friday observance.

6 Apr 2018

 Christine Webber: "A 'stimulating' discussion on peripheral nerve injury and repair"

17 Apr 2018 (Tuesday)

 Chester Ho 

4 May 2018

 Dave Bennett lab - Marilee Stephens: "Can Fat really make us walk again?!?!"

18 May 2018

 Karim Fouad lab - "Progress in 3d imaging including MRI, CryoViz, Lightsheet microscopy and scanning EM"

25 May 2018

 PMR-SRN Seminar at Glenrose

1 Jun 2018

 FES Symposium: CANCON 2018 - A Canadian conversation about Functional Electrical Stimulation

22 Jun 2018

Motoneuron Meeting Report (Bennett, Gorassini)

29 Jun 2018

SRN Research Day: posters/data presentations, etc


Fall 2017

Date  Speaker / Topic

29 Sep 2017

Jenn Andrews (Francois Roy lab): "Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring and reflex modulation in Parkinson's disease."

13 Oct 2017

Gardiner Symposium at Citadel Theater

27 Oct 2017

Anna Wiersma (Ian Winship lab):  "Extending the critical period for stroke recovery by enhancing spinal plasticity amplifies the benefits of rehabilitative training and improves recovery."

10 Nov 2017

Kelvin Jones lab: "Neuro-smorgas: Computation, Cutaneous Correlations and Choir."

24 Nov 2017

PMR-SRN Seminar at Glenrose

8 Dec 2017



Winter 2017

Date  Speaker / Topic

13 Jan 2017

Richard Stein "From Greenland through the Northwest Passage of the Canadian Arctic: in the footsteps of Sir John Franklin"

20 Jan 2017

SRN-PMR seminarLarry Yang and Zohaib Siddiqi: "Pain in the Brain: Clinical and Scientific Insights into Complex Regional Pain Syndrome" - Conference Room A - Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

3 Feb 2017

Dylan Miller (Collins' lab): "Task-dependent changes in motoneuron excitability"

17 Feb 2017

A change in research: The new generation of grad students in the Fouad Lab. Nick and Emma report on their plans

3 Mar 2017

Vivian Mushahwar lab - "Intraspinal microstimulation"

17 Mar 2017

John Misiaszek lab - "Startling insights touching upon the affordance competition hypothesis in balance control."

31 Mar 2017

Christine Webber lab - "Nile rats as a novel model of protracted Type-2 Diabetes induced peripheral sensory neuropathy."

14 Apr 2017

No News & Views. Good Friday observance.

21 Apr 2017

Kelvin Jones lab Cancelled

5 May 2017

Allison Smith (Gorassini  lab): "Hyper-excitability of Brainstem Reflexes in Cerebral Palsy."
19 May 2017 Atif Kahn (Yang lab): "Using the ReWalk after a spinal cord injury."
30 May 2017 Dick Stein lecture: Dr. Monica Perez - "The Corticospinal Pathway following Spinal Cord Injury"


Fall 2016

Date Speaker / Topic

9 Sep 2016

SRN-PMR seminarEsther Kim and Shane Hoeber: "Post-Stroke Aphasia & tDCS: Let’s Talk About It"

16 Sep 2016

Monica Gorassini and Dave Collins: "The motoneuron meeting, a cautionary tale and some planning for the future"

30 Sep 2016

Doug Zochodne: an update on the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute 

Dave Bennett: "Primary afferent depolarisation, did Eccles get it wrong?"

14 Oct 2016

Dick Stein: "Parkinson's Disease: from ancient Egypt to the 2016 World Congress in Portland, Oregon"

28 Oct 2016

Ming Chan and Christine Webber: Clinical aspects and basic science of diabetic neuropathy (A joint meeting of the SRN group and the UofA Pain Interest Group; 2-430 ECHA) 

4 Nov 2016

Poster presentations for the upcoming Society for Neuroscience annual meeting

11 Nov 2016

No News & Views. Remembrance Day Holiday 

18 Nov 2016

Karim Fouad and Abel Torres EspinReport on Fair Share Data meeting in SCI, at the NIH

Monica GorassiniIntramuscular NT-3 to normalize reflex function and reduce spasticity after CST lesions

2 Dec 2016

Grant McIntyre: Update from Campus Alberta Neuroscience, Reports from the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting


Winter 2016

Date Speaker / Topic

15 Jan 2016

Katherine Evans, Jonathon Schofield and Elizabeth Condliff

SRN-PMR seminarA Lack of Sensory Feedback in Upper Limb Prostheses: A Review of Potential Solutions. 

29 Jan 2016

Dave Collins: "Who are we and what are we trying to do: revisited"

12 Feb 2016

Marilee Stephens: "The effects of intestinal flora in spinal cord injury: background & current studies"

26 Feb 2016

Karim Fouad and Keith Fenrich: "DREADDs and CRISPRs": Designer receptors exclusively activated by designer drugs AND Clustered regularly-interspaced short palindromic repeats.

11 Mar 2016

SRN-PMR seminarMathhew Prowse and Jaynie Yang: Friend or Foe: Is botulinum toxin preventing or promoting function in children with CP?

25 Mar 2016

Neuroscience Research Day review Cancelled for Good Friday holiday

8 Apr 2016

Craig Chapman lab

22 Apr 2016

John Misiaszek: "The hallucinogenic effects of the Pacinian corpuscle: From Phantom phones to Phantom falls."

6 May 2016

Monica Gorassini and Allison Smith: "Examining the role of brainstem circuits in descending motor pathways in Cerebral Palsy"

13 May 2016

(extra week) SRN-PMR seminar

20 May 2016

Ming Chan lab – nerve repair translational studies

3 Jun 2016

Christine Webber lab

17 Jun 2016

Jaynie Yang lab, ISEK meeting preview


Fall 2015

Note: The October 2 meeting will be held in room 5003 KATZ.

Date Speaker / Topic

18 Sep 2015

Dave Collins  "Who are we and what are we trying to do?"

2 Oct 2015

Abel Torres   "The road from Barcelona to Edmonton"

9 Oct 2015

Neuroscience poster presentations:

Keith Fenrich  Roles of V3 spinal interneurons in locomotion and spasticity after spinal cord injury.

Atif Khan Improving walking and inducing neuroplasticity after chronic SCI by training in the ReWalk exoskeleton.

Tania Shiva Early Activation of Ankle muscles following Light Touch displacement at the Fingertip during Treadmill Walking

Zacnicte May Skin-derived precursor Schwann cell grafts after complete spinal cord injury in rats

Allison Smith Transcranial Motor-evoked Responses in Children with Perinatal Stroke

30 Oct 2015

Reports from Society for Neuroscience 2015 Annual Meeting

13 Nov 2015

Combined News and Views and the SNR - PMR collaborative rounds seminar. Follow this link for details.

27 Nov 2015

Funding opportunity information session.

12:00 Eric Loo, PhD.  Mitacs

12:30 Iwona Pawlina, PhD, PBiol, PMP NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) Program 

11 Dec 2015



Winter 2015

Note: Following the completion of introductory lab presentations on 13-March-2015, the topic for each seminar will be determined by the leader and may include relevant new research from papers, conferences or trends.

Date Speaker / Topic

16 Jan 2015

Dave Bennett

30 Jan 2015

Keith Fenrich

13 Feb 2015

Craig Chapman

27 Feb 2015

Dave Collins

13 March 2015

Christine Webber

27 March 2015

Monica Gorassini

10 April 2015

John Misiaszek

24 April 2015

Jaynie Yang

8 May 2015

Kelvin Jones

22 May 2015

Arthur Prochazka

5 June 2015

Fred Colbourne

19 June 2015

Ibi Cernak


Fall 2014

Date Speaker / Topic

12 Sept 2014

Karim Fouad: SRN update and Trends in SCI Research

26 Sept 2014

45th Almoco Neurohike meeting: Kananaskis Alberta

10 Oct 2014

Kelvin Jones: ALS Neuromuscular Lab

24 Oct 2014

Albertaneuro 2014 Nervous System Injury: The Road to Rehab and Beyond

7 Nov 2014

Vivian Mushahwar cancelled

21 Nov 2014

David Collins

5 Dec 2014

Jackie Hebert

19 Dec 2014

Doug Zochodne cancelled