The SRN group currently has three active seminar series.

News and Views

Coordinator: Dr. Monica Gorassini (

"News and Views" is our flagship seminar series that has been running almost continuously since the late 1980s. We meet at 12:00 noon every other Friday and discuss a wide range of topics including current research projects, interesting new publications, funding opportunities and reports from recent meetings. All are welcome to attend! See schedule.


SRN Trainee Seminar Series

Coordinator: Emma Schmidt ( )

The student seminar series is a trainee led initiative for the SRN group that was founded by MSc student Allison Smith. The student seminars are held weekly on Mondays from 4:00 to 5:00 pm and provide an informal way for trainees to get together to discuss science and hone their presentation skills. See schedule.


Collaborative Rounds: SRN - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital) 

Coordinators: Dr. Monica gorassini (, Dr. Vivian Mushahwar ( & Jamie Yu (

SRN-PMR Collaborative rounds is a shared educational opportunity between the SRN group and the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. This initiative is designed to foster discussions with clinical and research points of view as they relate to sensorimotor rehabilitation neuroscience. These sessions will be held at the Glenrose Rehabiltation Hosptial with lunch for trainees (11:30-12:00) followed by a combined presentation (12:00-1:00) representing expertise from both clinical and research perspectives with plenty of time for discussion. See schedule.