dick 1968The story began when Dr. Richard Stein started at the UofA in 1968. The picture at the left shows him right around that time. Dr. Stein quickly established a productive research program in sensory-motor systems that eventually lead to the Rehab Neuroscience group.  He was also instumental in rectruiting first Dr. Keir G. Pearson (1969) and some years later Arthur Prochazka (1986) who served over many years as co-director. From this core of three investigators, the family tree was planted and the Rehabilitation Neuroscience group was born. Many familiar names to the current SRN group were raised from here and can be found in the family tree at the bottom of the page. Several former trainees of that group found a home as professors at different universities throughout the world including: Drs. B. Calancie, R. Nicols, M. Belanger, C. Thomas, C. Capaday, D. Weber, N. Ramirez, P. Bawa, V. Rafuse, P. Zehr, S. Yakovenko, H. Wolf, P. Whelan, V. Greitsenko, R, Gaunt, A. Bueschges, and many more.

stein group


A successful event that was initiated by the original Rehabilitation Neuroscience group is the Neurohike meeting which is still ongoing. Neurohike is an annual event held in the Rockies that brings together researchers from Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge and faithfully, Chicago. Alternating between Jasper and Kananaskis, it provides a casual forum to talk science, have fun and as the name suggests, hike or ski in the glorious rocky mountains. The picture below shows Drs. Arthur Prochazka, Manuel Hulliger and Keir Pearson celebrating reaching the peak.



In 2004, the Physiological Society of Canada dedicated a symposium to Dr. Stein at the annual meeting at the Silver Star ski resort. Many of Dick’s colleagues and former trainees attended (see picture to the right). In 2014 after a legacy of his outstanding leadership, Dr. Stein stepped down as director of the Rehabilitation Neuroscience group although he continues to be active in the lab. Also Dr. Pearson has recently retired and left his former playing field to enjoy his many hobbies.  


The figure below incorporates all our current and some former group members, and the relation to the founders of the group. Solid lines indicate trainees, dashed lines indicate a hiring, and the dotted line indicates an indirect, (third generation) relation. The group members on the bottom have joined the group independently, "to refresh the bloodline".



              Family tree of the SRN group